Sig 1/4 Quarter Scale Piper Cub J-3 R/C Model Airplane Saito Futaba IMAA AMA

This is the biggest, best and favorite R/C airplane I’ve ever built. The Sig 1/4 scale Cub kit is a LOT of work. No two ways about it. But, the finished model is outstanding! I took my time building this aircraft and added lots of scale details. I’m using a standard Saito 1.20 for power. Its installed inverted and seems quite happy that way. The radio system is a Futaba PCM with quarter scale servos on the stab and rudder. Its covered with 21st Century Coverite. Very scale finish. Thank you Sig for such a beautiful kit! Yes, there are ARF 1/4 scale Cubs out there, but you know the old saying, “If you didn’t build it with your own hands, it’s not really yours.”

25 thoughts on “Sig 1/4 Quarter Scale Piper Cub J-3 R/C Model Airplane Saito Futaba IMAA AMA

  1. I wouldn’t call me an expert, but I appreciate the compliment. The ARF’s out there these days are beautifully made. You know the difference between an expert and an beginner right? An expert makes just as many mistakes, but they know how to cover them up or hide them!

  2. very nice cub !! good choice 4stroke engine… like a music from this plane… i want to buy the airborne models 1:4… yes, it’s arf but im not expert like you…

  3. @El135o They came from the factory in that Cub yellow scheme, but there are many many versions out there now in other colors. Some like the factory scheme, some want to stay away from it so that their Cub doesn’t look like all the others. Do a little internet searching. The Civil Air Patrol did a neat cub. Still yellow, but different. There’s one of those hanging at the Air Force Museum in Dayton, OH. Search the internet for images. You will find one you like!

  4. Are all Cubs in Cub yellow? I might buy a 7′ kit ($169!) but I gotta say I want different livery.

    Hmmmm, Silkspan and dope?

  5. @WarBirdMan1 I used 21st Century Coverite material on mine. Prepainted. Its almost 20 years old now and looks as good as the day I covered it. 21st Century takes a little getting used to compared to Monokote type material, but goes on great. I wouldn’t hesitate to use it again. In fact, I’m half way done with the Sig 1/5 scale laser cut Cub and I’ve already bought the same material for that.

  6. @ripmax333 I’m using a Graupner 15×8 on it. Wide blade, gray type. Looks relatively scale too. I had a 16×8 Master Airscrew on it, but it seemed to lug a little with that. I can’t recall the RPM’s. Sorry.

  7. WoW great plane. I’m busy building one out of thin ply. Yes plenty of work, but very satisfying. The cub is known for making very nice wing overs.

  8. Yes, I built it exactly per plans. It was plenty strong and looks great. Some of the aftermarket gear sets are pretty neat with functioning bungees and all that, but they are very expensive. So, I figured I’d go stock to start with and upgrade later, but I never have. Hobby dollars are hard to come by so they went for other projects.

  9. @El135o I would sure love to do that! Sig makes a set of float specific for the quater scale Cub. It would be cool to do.

  10. I am still working on my 1/4 Sig Piper Clipped wing! Just finish the cover with Solartex..
    God you right LOTSSSSSS of work and not very easy for my skill..hopoe to post a video like you soon..i just posted a little viedeo of the engine os ft160 gemini ..take a look

  11. Beautiful bird! I just flew mine for the 1st time this weekend and it flew great! I agree, its a lot to build, not that hard, just a lot. I didnt put all the detail in like you did although, yours looks great!

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