1. Well done Wayne , nice to see it working for you. adjust the servo for min
    travel to stop strain on the servo or shutter. With the new video uploading
    shortly you can do image mapping with interval timing. Very easy to do.
    Also my camera has multi frame shooting like 10 frames with one press, so
    one of the 10 should be framed correctly ! the beauty of this is its SIMPLE
    and CHEAP , any digital camera with a shutter pressed by your finger will
    work. check the channel for the latest mod , Best

  2. Thanks mate i like this project and have some great pics if i learn more
    about the camera’s i should get better at this. cheers wayne

  3. thanks bud i see that you have played with two cameras on your plane for
    your fpv ,this is fun and more to do but i have some great pictures .

  4. Yeah, your still pictures are better resolution and great to make some
    collage or something to give as a present, I really like the idea. I
    actually do this for the landowner but my stills where just to low res :(
    Great job again Wayne! Thx for the share!

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