RC Me BF-109 Warbird XL 1400mm Flight Video

A Flight with the RC BF-109 XL Warbird 1400mm wingspan by MoDelis modelis.at Model with servoless retracts & flaps! inkludes all servos, brushless motor, ESC and 3-blade prop – complete ARF Flug mit der MoDelis Me BF-109 XL Warbird mit 1400mm Spannweite modelis.at das Modell hat ein servoloses, eletrisches Einziehfahrwerk und Landklappen. Der Lieferumfang beinhält alle Servos, den brushless Motor und den passenden Flugregler, sowie einen Dreiblattpropper und das Einziehfahrwerk!

25 thoughts on “RC Me BF-109 Warbird XL 1400mm Flight Video

  1. Man I agree 100%. I have this plane, in fact it’s my favorite. It does come separate if you don’t wanna apply it. I did! It’s history. Would I have to put a smiley face in the Red Sun of a ZerO? A little kid about 7 came up and said that he loved the plane, but hated “The German Sign”. I told him that it means nothing now, It’s just history. You can’t change what was. I’m sure there is some Japanese guy out there flying a B-29 with Enola Gay on it. Ok, maybe not…..Maybe a Chinese guy.

  2. I think it’s a shame that people would bitch and cry over a swastica it’s no worse than a red circle or an american flag they are all bullshit just cause someone would be offended is no reason for anything fuck em if they don’t like it they can just stay home in their controlled little environment i live in the real world and don’t have time to coddle or baby a motherfuckers ego it’s just a symbal i put the rebel flag on mine and fly it proudly not a racist just southern n proud of it so FUCKOFF

  3. And I’m almost certain he’s not familiar with what the swastika truly represents. That’s a failure of the educational system in the U.S. in the last 30 years.. I have a Focke Wulf 190 plane myself and choose not to put the swastika on it because I know full well what it represents. IMHO it can be disrespectful because we can’t always know our audience when flying our planes.

  4. you are right: in some countries they don’t exist – but in some they do!
    Pls ask a german lawyer for details on this laws…

  5. what a joke, in some countries in Europe this kind of stupid laws, don´t exist, (thanks god!) cause it really make it more realisitc , and you are not doing propaganda nazi, you are just enjoing your historical german airplane

  6. she flies predictable, nearly like trainer, but like an aerobatic trainer – you have to fly with ailerons – so aileron experience would help a lot 😉

  7. im about ready to upgrade from my HZ Super Cub and since everyone else here runs corsairs i want to be the bad guy and get the ME…is that a decent plane as a step two?

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