Pong Two RC Plane powered by Cox .049

This is a scratchbuilt RC plane built from plans drawn by the late LF Randolph. It’s powered by a Cox Black Widow .049 engine. Built of balsa wood and covered with Ultracote covering. Has only rudder and elevator controls(2 channels). No throttle or ailerons.

16 thoughts on “Pong Two RC Plane powered by Cox .049

  1. That’s correct. The Black Widows, as well as most of the other Cox engines, didn’t have throttles. Just start it, toss it, and hang on to it until it runs out of fuel. Beauty in simplicity.

  2. on the cox website… you can get 4 for 50 dollars or 1 for 13.99 or you can get an awsome diesel versio for $50

  3. It’s been a couple of years since I built it but I think it weighs approx 28oz. 44″ span, 7.25″ chord. Have run various Cox .049s and props on it but usually fly it with a Black Widow and a Cox 6×3. This video was taken almost 2 years ago on the day of the maiden flight. I built 2 of these at the same time. The other one is powered by a Cox Medallion .09. Both of them are still flown regularly. See my other vids. There are lots of good plans out there for 1/2A planes that fly well.

  4. What are the specs on this plane. Weight, Wing area, prop size and pitch. every scratch build i try to make ends up a failure.

  5. The Flying Models magazine website sells the plans for the Pong Two. The magazine featured it in the early 80s in an article written by the designer, L.F. Randolph.

  6. I think mine came out around 25oz. It’s kind of heavy but I used a standard size RX and battery. It flies great with the Black Widow .049 when it’s tuned well but a lower powered .049 such as a Babe Bee or Surestart might not be adequate enough unless you used lighter radio gear and covering.

  7. Hi. I need to know the weight of this plane. I have a old .049 cox engine, still running and I want to install it in a model to fly again with this engine. Thanks.

  8. The Cox Black Widow .049 came with an 8cc fuel tank mounted to the back of the engine. Mine usually runs about 2.5 minutes when adjusted properly. A Sure Start-style backplate can be used in conjunction with a separate fuel tank for longer run times if that’s what you desire.

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