23 thoughts on “New Airfield 1400mm Zero FMS RC Airplane Flight Review

  1. Hello Friends, I would like to know if you send to Brazil, and comes complete as I saw on another site that are not sending along the batteries.
    What is the cheapest way to send? Buying two model airplanes freight is more expensive? has discount? I like this model A6M Zero and a p40

    I await response. Adriano, SP / Brazil

  2. All my FMS warbirds are tail heavy out od the box. P-51D, Bf-109 (unflyable), and the Zero (not as bad). I check RC Groups and RC Universe before I fly them.

  3. i have this plane and i would not trade it for anything. i love it.it flys awesome.i have other fms warbirds they do not compare to my zero in flight.i would love to see this plane in a 2000mm size like the super p40e 2000mm.thumbs up on this one.theres nothing bad to say about the a6m zero.its out standing.and a pleasure to fly.

  4. Its just me, as I enjoy these videos, however, editing out the initial virgin flight kinda deprives the viewing public. It has always been of great interest to me, to see how the aircraft (heli or fixed wing) handles OOTB. I know it is not your responsibility to show me how to trim out flying toys. I still would have like to see you trim the plane and watch your initial impressions. Again, I enjoy all your videos. I can take it if you crash a brand new flying machine right out of the box.

  5. Hey you guys sound have a world war 2 dog fight with the bombers and the fighters planes like a big war I woid pay for that.

  6. And, of course, there’s no tail hook. I ended up ordering from Banana Hobby as Nitroplanes never seems to have it in stock. The aircraft went together easily and everything on my RTF version worked properly. The only problem was that the cowling shown on this version was not included. Instead, the cowl was for the earlier green aircraft which is different. No big deal, but if you want the cowling shown it’s an extra $35.

  7. It is a nice looking type 21 (A6M2) of IJN Akagi, flown by Shigeru Itaya who lead fighter groups, but the wing 20mm canon should be just holes without extended barrels. But still very nice looking RC Zero!!

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