26 thoughts on “Mini Bluecor Lightweight Foamie RC Delta

  1. Great, after looking at your design, I first made a 90 degree sweep one, didn’t fly so well, it was more like a “flying wing” than a “true delta”, I had a hard time keeping it stable , I just got though building a 60 degree one, I have glide tested it and works very well, I can’t wait to go out try it out, but this wicked cold weather is keeping things delayed. hey thanks for the response..

  2. The second failure at that address.  It says “This account has been disabled or discontinued [#102]. – mta1077.mail.sk1.yahoo.com”. Do you have another e-mail I can send it to?

  3. Nice work love the deltas my smallest delta is 4.2 inches long 6 inches wide and top speed of 75+ Kmh using brushed micro motor

  4. hexTronik 5gram Brushless Outrunner 2000kv, 2S 240mAh LiPoly battery, Spektrum AR6300 receiver, Blue Arrow 2.5 gram servos (x2), Castle Creations Thunderbird 6 ESC, and GWS 5/4.3 prop.

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