Flying RC Model StarTrek USS-Enterprise NCC-1701-D

This is the flying model of the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D, the iconic star ship of the captain Jean-Luc Picard in Star Trek – The Next Generation. The model is a fully functional RC model with the illumination by super bright LEDs and the optic fibers. Visit the web site to see the details of building this plane, the plans and the photogallery of other Star Trek model kits.
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25 thoughts on “Flying RC Model StarTrek USS-Enterprise NCC-1701-D

  1. Well, you’ll get to die a happy man. If you put an electronic gyrostabilizer on that, she’ll fly like a dream, tail-heavy or not.

  2. Incredible job .. something needs to be done about the dead weight at the back of the ship however; I imagine all the lift is coming from the saucer.

  3. number one you need to give it more power i made one like this but without the lights i made it with a jet engine and made it with a carbon fiber hull to reduce lbs and i put only what i needed.

  4. Data made his first swear when the Enterprise-D crashed. I can only imagine the profanity he would be spewing for these test flights!

    Excellent work though, lots of determination and patience.

  5. This is really so cool,… and your model is nicely detailed with the ‘skin’ and lighting. Very impressive. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Really awesome job I’d never finish a project like that. Although it looks like your centre of gravity is slight off. Under power the rear drops a bit, add some small weights to the front to help it fly level.

  7. First off, WOW you worked on Into Darkness? I cannot describe how jealous I am!

    Second, thank you for subscribing! 😀

  8. Ha, thanks for the kind comment :o) I’ve always been a fan of StarTrek, ever since the original series, and have also been fortunate to have been involved in the film ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ at one stage (I work in feature films in action helicopters for my sins).

    Anyway, I’ve ‘made it so’ and subscribed to you. :o)

    All the best.

  9. Absolutely FANTASTIC WORK! Pay no attention to any naysayers…You sir are an INCREDIBLE CRAFTSMAN! The ship is FANTASTIC, and the liiuminated LED lights just put this in the TOTALLY WICKED category!

  10. Awesome work. But now let’s see one on which the saucer and the drive section can separate and operate independently.

  11. Clearly, she’s not very aerodynamic. But this is proof, that, like the F-4 Phantom II, with a powerful enough engine, aerodynamic obstacles can be overcome. I have to agree with the people saying do a Bird of Prey next. Either Klingon or Romulan (Bird of Prey from “Balance of Terror”). As far as your actual model goes, you know that the impulse engines on the D glowed red, yes?

  12. This was great. I had the same idea after finishing a 1:2500 Enterprise-C. I thought a few ducted fans would be enough to hold it up. Maybe one in the middle of the D’s saucer would help level your RC model?

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