25 thoughts on “Elevon Mixing Programming In T6Config for RC Model Airplanes

  1. Thank you very much. I’m also a beginner and was wondering how to do this
    mixing. Now I’m full convinced how to. Thank you!!!!!!

  2. your videos were very helpful — but one correction i would make – don’t
    assign the mixes to switch A or B – just to ON – then the switches can
    still be used for dual rates and throttle cut – and you won’t ever turn off
    your mixes – you need them !!!

  3. @flytheskysful Both are fairly easy. If flaps or landing gear were on
    channel 5, just set channel 5 to with of your VR knobs. Then, as you twist
    the knob, the flaps/gear go down.

  4. hi thanks a lot for this..i have been looking how to do this,, i have the
    same set up as you plane which have 2 servos and i want to do elevon
    mixing. i did the same procedure but i ended up having only ch3 working
    when i moved ch1 and ch2 nothing changes in the t6config window, what do u
    think im missing. thanks again ….

  5. try this…. mix 1…. s=ch1 d=ch2 up rate=100 dwn rate= 100 mix2…….
    s=ch2 d=ch1 up rate= -100 down rate= -100 coneect servos to ch1 and ch2
    only in acro mode

  6. THANK YOU SO MUCH MY F-22 RAPTOR IS READY TO FLY!!!!!!! Hope I don’t Crash
    lol I’ve been trying to figured this out for a week!!!! thank you for the

  7. Thanks a lot! I was having trouble reversing servos with 2 mixing, but with
    this it’s easier to do reversing!

  8. ty so much for this video!!! ive had this transmitter for 3 months an im
    steal lost untill this video that is lol thx…one more thing maby in time
    youll do a video on landing gear an flaps??

  9. Improper mixes. Servos not connected to ch1, ch2 on the RX. Toggle switch
    on the RX (wrongly) bound to those channels.

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