Electronic Engine Sound for RC Model Aircraft

From ‘Electric Flight – Masterclass DVD. John Ranson has converted the Bryan Taylor Spitfire IX, Me109 and Corsair model aircraft plans to fly with electric motors. He’s added Benedini electronic sound systems for an authentic full-size engine sound. DVD available from www.trapletshop.com.
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17 thoughts on “Electronic Engine Sound for RC Model Aircraft

  1. Excellent !! 


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  2. FB – you must not fly RC planes. The feedback about the engine speed I get as a pilot by HEARING the engine is very useful. I would hate to fly a real plane without that sound. Its called a dead stick – a pilots worst fear.

  3. Get a life FB! A true model simulates the REAL thing in every aspect as possible including scale, features, colors, smell, sound, dimensions, appearance, etc. Go to an air show and turn off your hearing aid if you don’t like the sound. I’ll leave mine on.

  4. I love the idea! the tiny, wimpy sound on an electric RC motor sucks! The sound of a simulated 100 hp lycoming or contenental on a J3 or T-Craft model can’t beat.

  5. How can you compare this to music and painting? People listen to music because they like the sound of it, and they look at paintings because they like the looks of them. Do people start up an engine because they like the sound of it? No. It is an unwanted side effect which should be eliminated if possible, and people who pest others with their toys by deliberately making them noisy are nothing but stupid and inconsiderate. This should not be allowed at all in my opinion.

  6. Well if you’re going to argue that point then you could also ask why people want scale planes. Why should companies make models of old planes when they could make more efficient planes with modern designs. The answer is that people (my self included) like the looks of these scale planes. Some people appreciate a scale sound to go along with the scale apperience. I do agree with you though that it doesn’t really make sense to make model planes intentionally noisy, it’s just something people like.

  7. Well, I don’t think it is very clever to deliberately add noise to a system. An engine doesn’t make noise because people want it to make noise, it does it because of the way it works. Why is that something to cling on to, when you are actually able to get rid of it? If engines had originally been designed to be silent, you would never have dreamed of doing this.

  8. Most people switch to electric because it’s cheaper but they still want the realistic sound of an engine. This system gives you the benefit of not having to pay for gas or glow fuel and have an even more realistic engine sound than a glow or gas engine would give you. From what he said it also looks like you can switch the system off from your Tx if you’re flying in a park or somewhere with noise restrictions. It seems like a pretty smart addition to an electric warbird to me.

  9. Why the heck would anyone do this? You switch to electric to get rid of the noise, and the you deliberately add the noise again.Some peole are just too stupid.

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