Cessna 206T Zoomed Shooting

Maryam wanted to practice some extra zoomed shooting so we thought we would do it on my RC Foamy Cessna 206T as we can fly it as slow as possible. Well not to mention the experiment went successful and Maryam did an awesome job with zoomed filming. Check out some great footage. Comments and feedback welcome at alishanmao@gmail.com or ali@redcatracing.com. Don’t forget to check www.redcatracing.com, http www.hobby-estore.com, http and www.youtube.com

15 thoughts on “Cessna 206T Zoomed Shooting

  1. Hey Ali, Nice landing! What size lipo are you using 7.2 or 11.1 ?
    I would love to fly with you but I am half way around the world. James

  2. @damiana9015 Well, its going to be open
    soon, So we found another awesooooommmmmmeeeee
    spot just 2 km away. even wider single road
    that a small Lear jet even can land there.
    and a beautiful spot for RC Car bashing too
    Videos coming soon

  3. @alishanmao
    —-besides you can’t turn a
    tripod that fast for RC Planes shooting. ——–
    i dont agree with a good tripod you can shoot 360 on smooth rotation but it take practise just like rc flying ..
    but she does a good job !


  4. @poerik MY camera has 40X optical zoom
    Digital zoom sucks i never use it. she is not
    used to a tripod. besides you can’t turn a
    tripod that fast for RC Planes shooting. I
    believe that she is doing a terrific job with
    hand held handy cam and that zoom levels
    :) she got skills

  5. zoom is pretty hard ..out of the hand .. i use a tripod to remove the shaking hand buy one and make it easy for your girl !
    turn of digital zoom !!!
    put the camera on fast mode !


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