8 thoughts on “Bixler RC Plane Receiver Setup RTF and Motor start up

  1. If you look at the Board under the pins on the left you can see the #s that
    correspond with the pins, but you can really one see them ZOOMED in with a
    camera or very close up.

  2. Glad I could help!, I looked when I got mine and found the FliteTest vid,
    but they never showed the detail… why people don’t show 100% of details I
    will never know.. I’m moving to a new home soon with lots of open space,
    going to have a lot of vids coming soon.

  3. I’m embarking on a project to make a foamy plane that only has 2 servos
    connected with a y-cord, that has delta- mixing, i think it would be
    extremely fun!

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