13 thoughts on “A DIY home made balsa rc plane part 3 of 6 scratch built

  1. Thank you for your comment .I must see if I still have this plane and give it a fly . This video is part of a six series and the last one has the camera facing forward

  2. @rich202100 My tip would be to keep every thing as light as possible and if you could get a radian glider wing as the wing is the hardest to make also when you have built your plane go to a field with long grass and launch it with no power into the wind and if every thing is ok it should settle to the ground nicely. Any other questions fell free to ask .

  3. Thank you for your comment . Are you commenting on the beeping the plane is making or the power lines that are in close proximity to where I fly

  4. The power system I later found works best for this plane is as follows . Brushless outrunner motor BL2217/11 950KV . 30 amp ESC with programming card . Propeller 10*6 folding . 11.1v 1200mah 20c lipo . 4*9 gram servos

  5. Materials for this plane are as folows Two pieces of balsa 1000*100*8mm Corriboard 2mm for tail 3mm for wing epp to fill wing profile and a block of epp for motor mount servo rods and connectors

  6. This plane is fairly easy to make . I have since put a more powerfull motor and bigger prop for flying in windy condtions which works realy well . This is an on going project . Hope to make more videos from this plane soon

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