19 thoughts on “1988 Byron Originals Striking Back

  1. The Byron Originals Striking Back got really good in the early 90’s just before they quit doing the shows. They added a lot more explosions and planes. It was really awesome. I wish they still had the shows, it was a past time for me when I was younger.

  2. @marvinf14 Don’t get me wrong, I never said it was as good as Striking Back, I know it was awesome, but Warbirds Over the Rockies has the best Pilots from around the world with the awards to proove it and it’s probably the only show with 100’s of rounds of live explosives. Just the best option for today’s pilots, thats all.

  3. @firefromheavan Are you serious man, I think you didnt pay close attention to the Byron Show, now i know the show in the Rockies its AWESOME, BUT NO WHERE NEAR to Mr Byron and his dream and what they did in Striking Bakc my friend :-)

  4. @marvinf14
    Check out Warbirds Over the Rockies! They do this in Colorado now every year! They even break the sound barrier!

  5. Holy Cats!…I heard about this from people who had been there, but thought they were kidding!..those B-25’s are awesome..the whole thing was awsome.

  6. Oh and a live full-scale airshow at the end of the day. Oh, and tours of the factory so you could see how the Byron kits were manufactured. – Chris’ Cakes in the morning being thrown at you to catch – gotta be awake.

  7. It really was amazing, all the flying aircraft were 1/5 scale; Zeros, P-51’s, and Corsairs. I think the boats were a smaller scale. There was a tank that was like 1/4 scale and was mechanized with a human driver inside it. The year I was there (1990?) there was a Zero which caught fire in the air and crashed outside the fly-over area. The expo is sorely missed and was just Superb!!! Oh, did I mention that nearly every R/C manufacturer was there with a booth and offered discounts (10-30%)

  8. I got this on VHS too !!!! found it at a 2nd hand store by luck Freaking amazing to watch the whole thing !!! These guys must have nothing to do all winter to put this together by spring-summer !!!

  9. I remember seeing this live when I was like 5…
    I’m 25 now 😛

    The huge B-29 at the end dropped a big bomb and they set off the BIGGEST asplodeded ever!! 😀
    I can still remember feeling the heat from the explosions. 😀

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